Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Week Old Developments

Here they all are for their 3-week-old photo shoot! The puppies are walking around quite well now, and have learned to playfully growl and paw at each other. They are so cute! One puppy (we still aren't sure which one, though) even knows how to sing! We were playing the piano the other evening, and he was howling with every high note that we hit! We're also really excited to notice that the puppies aren't all white after all! They're getting Blenheim colored ears and spots like their mama.






 I can't wait to find loving, caring homes for these babies, so let me know if you're interested or know someone who is. The puppies will be old enough to go to new homes on June 6th, but you can place a down payment on one to reserve it. Click here or Contact Us for more information.

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