Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Nothing could be cozier
Than by the fire sitting;
Toasting in its cozy warmth
And reading books or knitting.

While staring at the flickering flames
The imagination runs
To faraway lands and places and
To worlds with other suns.

And listening to the crackling wood—
So comforting the sound!—
It soothes our troubled, anxious thoughts,
And peace at last is found.

We all should pray that in our hearts
A steady fire would burn;
A flame that fills us with God’s warmth
As souls to Him we turn.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tail of Salvation

(Adapted from a true story told by Missionary Pastor Scott Griswold)

There was in Cambodia,
Not long ago,
A little, brown mongrel
Who liked to go
To the sewer drain puddle--
He'd roll and he'd splash!
But when he came home
How he hated his bath!

His kind, loving master
Was gentle, yet firm;
While covered in soap suds,
Jip would wiggle and squirm!

When the bath was all done,
And Jip was all dry,
His master would kindly
Explain to him why.
"You know Jip, I've warned you
To not go away;
That a bath you would get
If you went anyway.
If you'd resist the temptation
You'd always be clean!
And you never would have
Another bath like we've seen."

With a hug and a squeeze,
After saying this much,
Jip's master would put him
To bed in his hutch.
With a last word to bid him,
"Please stay put all night!"
His master stood up
And walked out of sight.

* * * * *

It had been a long and hard day
For Jip's kindly master.
He'd been out on house calls
For he was a pastor.
When he came in the house,
Whistling a song,
He found Joelle crying
And knew something was wrong!
"What's wrong--why the tears,
My daughter so dear?"
"Oh, Daddy, it's Jip,
He isn't here!"

A thought came to Daddy
Of the dog-catching group,
Who would steal dogs and take them
To make into soup!
And then he remembered
That old, rundown shack!
So he jumped on his bike
And began peddling back.
His previous hunger
And weariness forgot,
Daddy prayed that his pup
Would be saved from the pot!

When Daddy reached the shack
He found it was locked!
But, hoping and praying,
He reached up and knocked.
Then to his delight
The door opened a crack!
"Where is my dog? May I
Please have him back?"

"I ain't got your dog!"
The burly man growled.
But Jip heard his master--
How he whined and he howled!

"May I please see the dogs
That you have in that bin?"
So the old man reluctantly
Let Daddy in.
Daddy peered in the box
And—oh! Could it be?
Amidst doggy faces
What did he see?

"It's Jip, my own Jip!"
Daddy scooped up his pet,
Though he smelled like the sewer
And was still dripping wet!

"Hey, that one's my dog!"
The old man persisted,
"But you can buy him from me,"
And a high price was listed.

"I'll pay it all!
For Jip I'll be glad!"
And so Daddy paid
Every cent that he had!

Then with Jip in his arms
And a smile on his face,
Daddy made his way home
With a quickening pace.

With Jip in the tub
All lathered with soap,
Jip’s master was quiet,
Then thoughtfully spoke:
“Jip, we’re often like you
With our big sin puddle;
While the devil does tempt,
Entice, and befuddle.

“But our heavenly Father
Is patient and true!
He never gives up--
He waits for you!
And when you do come
He welcomes you in,
And gives you a 'bath'
To cleanse you of sin.

“Then one day He finds
That you haven't come back!
That you are a prisoner
In the devil's old shack!
But the devil persistently
Claims you are his!
Christ cannot have you
Unless a high price He gives!

“So by death on a cross
Christ pays His all,
So you can have life
By heeding His call!”

It is needless to say
That Jip never returned
To the sewer drain puddle—
His lesson he’d learned!

Are you, dear friend,
Wallowing in sin?
Then remember Jip’s story
And a new life begin.
Come to the Lord!
Do linger or wait!
The day will soon come
When it’s too late!
If you give Him your heart
Then a new heart He’ll give.
And He'll give you the strength
A new life to live!

(The "tail" end!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Book Completion

The completion of my book "Learning Lessons From Furry Friends" is VERY near! I just have to finish approving the final draft of it, and then it will be DONE!!! It should start appearing on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the publisher's website no later than Monday, October 24th, 2011. The Lord has certainly done great things for me, and I am very glad. He has answered so many of my prayers, and this is one of them! All the glory goes to HIM!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poetical Paragraph

So, here's one of my English assignments: Write a descriptive paragraph that uses poetic devices such as rhyming words, alliteration, and assonance. Here is what I produced:

The Pagan or the Pure

          Picture with me a woman. She rides upon a brilliantly bright-colored beast. It is not that hard to find her. We just look for her incredible crowd of followers and she is in their midst. She is clothed in a tight-fitting, bright-glittering, low-cut gown of purple and scarlet. She fairly glints in the sunshine, as its rays reflect off her necklaces of pearls, golden earrings, and her rings set with diamonds and rubies. She gazes boldly and seducingly at her followers, and then laughs loudly and boisterously as she sips drunkenly from the immense golden cup of wine in her hand. Now contrast that picture with this one. Another woman, very beautiful, stands on the barren wastelands of the moon. Her long, flowing garment, draped modestly yet becomingly about her, is woven from the purest rays of the sun itself. Her wispy, wavy hair tumbles about her slender shoulders, and a garland of shining stars rests on her brow. Her features are soft and gentle, and her eyes are chastely cast downward. One woman represents the pagan Babylonian church, while the other represents the pure bride of Christ Himself—His church; His people. Which one are you?
(Taken from Revelation 17:3-6 & 12:1)