Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ahhhh... a PERFECT ending to an AWFUL day!

Awful day:
5:30 am--Nikki woke me to let me know that she was in labor.
10:00 am--Nikki still in labor... no puppies appearing....
10:30 am--Nikki passed an empty sac that had just never taken. Hopefully the puppies will come now! Nope.
12:00 pm--When Nikki was examined, the tip of a puppy's head could be felt at the very end of the fingertips in the birth canal.
1:00 pm--Nikki having contractions... first puppy not moving down the birth canal....
4:00 pm--Still in labor... puppy not moving... getting very worried, but still trusting God!
6:30 pm--Begin calling vets just in case... Has now been over 12 hours of labor on and off....
7:00 pm--Vets are recommending doing a C-section. Worried!
7:30 pm--Finally contacted a vet who didn't have a jam-packed schedule!
8:00 pm--Taking Nikki to the vet for a C-section.

Perfect ending:
8:30 pm--Met the vet and his assistant--both very nice, friendly, down-to-earth, and understanding! Vet checked to see if he could get the stuck puppy out without a C-section. Not possible.
8:45 pm--Vet and assistant told us (Mom and I) that we could watch the C-section and help towel off the puppies as they are removed. Surprised and very happy! We thought we would be stuck in a waiting room! Nope! :-)
9:00 pm--C-section under way with us watching and eagerly waiting to help!
9:30 pm--First puppy removed.... Stillborn! :'-(
9:45 pm--Second puppy... a healthy, little boy! Praise the Lord!
10:00 pm--Puppy removal complete: total of 5 very healthy, happy little things (3 males, 2 females)! Hallelujah!
10:15 pm--Puppy care complete... all breathing well and moving around under heat lamp.... Nikki coming to after C-section...
10:30 pm--Putting puppies with Nikki to nurse... afraid she might reject them since she didn't have a natural birth.... Nikki licking her puppies! Good sign! YAY!
10:45 pm--Headed home after a very tiring, anxious, yet very happily-ended day! I can't thank the vet, his assistant, and the Lord enough!

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  1. you are so cute Sara, Thanks for sharing about your puppy experience. It is awesome to see the miracle of life happening! :)