Monday, September 19, 2011

My School Today

Hey everyone! Today's post is just a random collection of the interesting things that happened in school today. These are the things that make school fun and enjoyable to me.

Mathematics: I got an A+ (98%) today (with the Lord's help!) which makes me energized to keep trying my best! Geometry is challenging, but also fun and extremely interesting!!

Health: Today's lesson was on sleep. It must have been very well done, for it almost put me to sleep! I was yawning for at least a half an hour afterwards! So funny!

(But the most fun came from my English lesson:)

English: I am planning to write a story in English, and since I love writing this is LOTS of fun for me. For my research for my story, I was looking up words in a Greek dictionary. It was there that I stumbled upon an excellent name for a pet, especially a mischievous puppy. The name is: "Kakia" [kah kee' ah]. In Greek it means: "Naughtiness." :-)

Homeschooling is a wonderful privilege, and the Lord often sends little enjoyments such as these to keep me excited and looking forward to tomorrow. Praise Him!

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