Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Memory of Tiree

Tiree Brae Brown (Shetland Sheepdog): 1992 - 2006

A wagging tail, that lets me know when you are happy;
A soft coat, to snuggle next to when I'm sad;
Alert ears, that perk up every time I call your name;
And cute tricks, that cheer me up and make me glad!

Soft eyes, that look at me and know exactly what I'm thinking;
A cold nose, nuzzled on my hand to show me that you care;
A wet tongue, brushed across my cheek that tells me that you love me;
And a big heart, with love enough for everyone to share!

A purebred dog, a mix-breed mutt, or some intended hybrid mix;
Either large or small, my dog will love me to the end!
No matter who I am or how I look or where I live;
My dog is my lasting companion and forever friend!

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